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corporate-world-croppedProject Background: We hope to expand World Green by increasing the quality and amount of content available.  Currently World Green helps consumers find sustainable options for goods and services and helps companies follow the best sustainability practices. We provide information to help companies, organizations and consumers on current trends in the sustainability movement, and encourage members in our international online community to practice a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle and share actions they are taking to improve the environment.

The Sustainability Directory mobile applications (app) utilizes the location services on Apple iPhone and Android to report a user’s proximity to selected sustainable resources A pilot directory and app, Cleaner and Greener Fuels, is currently under development, the directory will assist in locating alternative fuel stations nationwide. Ensuring available alternative fuel while on the road is currently a concern and barrier to the purchase of alternative fueled vehicles. This is a valuable tool for drivers making the transition to vehicles that are less reliant on fossil fuels. You can find more information at .

The pilot project will be used as foundation to build a series of mobile applications that take advantage of the location services and integrate with legacy systems though a web service. The expansion of the Sustainability Directory will include services and destinations, such as sustainable buildings (i.e. ENERGYSTAR and LEED), and Green City Guides(a compilation of independent city green guides)  

Cat_xml_list_viewSpecific objectives: Our overall goal is for the Sustainability Directory is to address the lack of access to reliable information about global sustainability.  Too often, sustainability news and information blogs and websites are saturated by biased tips or misinformation from special interest groups. The Directory aims to provide non-commercial content and information that is substantive and unbiased.

Our specific objectives for developing the Sustainability Directory include:

  • Improving access to sustainability information, tools, and mobile applications as a free service to the public and through Social Media.
  • Featuring city by city information to keep the community informed about their city’s green efforts as well as resource for green travel destinations.
  • Giving recognition to organizations that employ green practices, such as green leasing, creating a marketing incentive for a formal commitment to sustainable practices.
  • Organically expanding the list of sustainable locations and services by allowing users to suggest entries for the guide.



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