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It’s Not Just a Website, it’s the Sustainable Marketing Network

Does your web designer know strategies that can save you thousands of dollars? Can you edit the site yourself, without any special programs? Does it look good ANGreen_DesignD show up in search engines?

Get your own website, with your own brand, but be part of something larger than yourself or your business. Let us show you why web design is fundamentally different from other types of media. You can update your own content, set prices and specials, show up on the search engines, and of course, show it off in style. With our focus on usability, free software, and sustainable businesses, we are very different from the average web designer!

The typical web design company specializes at most one or two areas of expertise, and it’s up to you to fill in the gaps, or manage a team of freelancers. .From small to big, every project gets the same friendly and useful advice on marketing, how to connect with customers, and partner with other businesses.

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Sustainable Marketing gives traditional marketing methods and discipline to entrepreneurs in the green marketing sector, teaches corporate social responsibility and green marketing to existing well-established companies, and also going beyond branding, evolving marketing, understanding our customers better, their values, emotions, and buying behavior, and their hopes for making a sustainable, restorative relationship with their families, their communities, and the earth.



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